Facial Implants

Face, chin and cheekbone implants

Chin is a character-defining region in our face. A shaped mandible (chin) is a sign of a strong and attractive character. Cheekbones (zygomatic bones) are signs of an attractive and young face. The harmony between the chin and cheekbone is of importance for golden ratio.

Chin Aesthetics

In the case of a small chin, there are two main methods for augmentation. If the chin size is not too small, it can be solved with fat injection or hyaluronic acid/calcium hydroxyapetite fillers. These are minimal invasive methods done with comfort and can also be used for cheekbone augmentation. If the chin is too small, then silicone or porous polipropylethilene implants must be placed for augmentation. The size of the implants to be placed is decided by your doctor and yourself during the consultation. The operation can be done from an incision inside the mouth of under the chin, in both the scars are not visible. A subdermal pocket is opened and the implant is placed and fixed to the underlying chin bone. 

A skin colored bandage is used for one week after the procedure. There can be minimal bruising and pain that will respond well to painkillers and subside in one week. Patient may go back to normal life in one week. The risk of implant is infection. If infection occurs, first treatment is antibiotics, however if there is a purulent infection that will not respond to antibiotics, then the implant is removed. This is a rare situation but must be discussed with the patient.

If the chin is too big, the bone is set back after an orthodontic treatment planned with dentistry. 

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