As the years pass by, our skin gets thinner, wrinkles form; fat tissue resorbs and the skin cannot resist the gravity and start to sag. The volume loss is like a deflated balloon that needs to refill the lost volume and remove the excessive skin. Environmental factors like ultraviolet sunlight, stress and tobacco use enhance these problems. The aging process is mild, in the beginning. The wrinkles are mild and sagging is slight. By time, the wrinkles that only occurred on mimicking, now persist, that means the dynamic wrinkles become static. 

In the young ages (30-40) the volume loss and wrinkles can be managed by botulinum toxin and hyaluronic acid fillers. In the later periods of life (40-50) energy-based rejuvenation technologies might be added to the treatment, such as Ulthera and 3deep Radiofrequency. These technologies help to achieve better and persistent results when appropriately used in combination with surgery.  These technologies and medical aesthetic applications are not the alternatives for a surgical facelift, but its complimentary. 

The periorbital (area around the eyes) region is also prone to aging that can be solved by blepharoplasty (eyelid aesthetic surgery). This method is performed under sedation and local anesthesia and is a combination of removal of skin and fat excess and reorientation of the ocular structures. By these methods, both the upper and lower eyelids can form in a youthful and attractive look. Laser technologies can be combined with the surgery, and provide better aesthetic results that resist time. The postoperative period is easy for the patient, and the patient is sent home the same day. This procedure makes the patient feel 10 years younger immediately. If the eyebrows moved downwards in time, they can be lifted to an upper position in combination.

The fat excess and skin sagging in the jowl and neck region can be managed by biolipolysis (deoxycholic acid injection) and laser lipolysis (Slimlipo) techniques. If the neck skin excess is advanced and unlikely to be solved by minimal invasive techniques, then a platysmal corset suturing must be performed to reconstruct the neck-chin angle. Bruising and swelling may last for a few days and the patient go back to normal social and work life in one week. 

Dr. Guner Clinic technique is a much shorter incision face-lift, where one can access the important structures under the skin to supply the ideal tightening of the facial skin. This surgery is combined with advanced laser applications to improve the skin quality and open slight wrinkles (especially on the barcode lines of the upper lip) and provide a young, shining skin, which increases the results of the surgery.

Another important determinant of a beautiful face is the cheekbone. If the bone has shrinked by time (bone atrophy), the lost volume is restored by stem-cell rich adipose (fat) tissue that is taken from the patient by a simple procedure. This provides an attractive and young face with a look full of energy.

The bruises and swelling goes away in a couple of days and the patients may go to their normal life soon. When compared to classical face-lift, Dr. Guner Clinic's laser-assisted mini-lifting is a much better option in means of fast recovery, increased skin quality and a much shorter scar.

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