Smart Lipo

Smart lipo is an FDA-approved instrument to remove excessive fat tissue. Smart liposuction protects the skin and does not cause mechanical trauma to the underlying muscle and fascias. After the Smart Lipo procedure, there won’t be any roughness, sagging or retractions on the skin and a natural fit appearance is provided.

Smart Lipo has a fat-specific probe that distinguishes fat tissue from other structures without giving any harm. The liquidified fat is easily removed from the body with cannulas. The remaining part is metabolized. 

At the same time helps to activate the fibroblasts and collagen synthesis resulting in a tightened, rejuvenated and reshaped skin. Postoperative sagging of skin is rare and usually there is no need for a skin excision. 


Smart Lipo is applied after its specific solution is given subcutaneously. This solution both provides anesthesia and helps the effect mechanism work beter to degrade the fat tissue. A 2-mm incision is placed and a thin probe is inserted. Sedation and local anesthesia is usually enough, the operation is performed in a comforted and painless manner. The procedure is between 1-2 hours. During this time the patient does not feel any pain and does not remember any stress due to the sedative drugs given. 


The Smart Lipo Patient rests one to three hours after the operation and then is sent home. The patient can go on his/her normal living in a couple of days. In the postoperative two days there might be some pain, which easily resolves with painkillers prescribed by the doctor. Bruising and swelling is minimum. On the third day is the doctor control, and this is the time to remove the bandages and have a relief. For a beautiful shaping and redraping of the skin to the underlying muscles, a corset must be used for a few weeks. The slimming effect is seen immediately, although it continues to sit even in months to one year to have the final shape. 

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