Slim Lipo

The SlimLipo technique not only removes the unwanted fat but also tightens the skin and provides a fit and youthful body. 

SlimLipo is an FDA-approved laser lipolysis technique. It is also known as laser-assisted liposuction. SlimLipo laser wavelength targets the subdermal fat and does not harm non-fat tissues. The laser energy causes the fat cell burst, and the liquid fat is then aspired by suction cannula and the remaining fat is metabolized. 


Slim Lipo is effective in waist, belly, back, hips and arm, chin (submental fat), ankle, calves, inner thigh and legs. These regions are the most disturbing areas for the patients, as they do not respond to exercise and show a coarse and fat body type. Slim Lipo helps a comfortable removal of these fats with sedation and same-day discharge. The removed fat tissue does not come back but if the patient gains weight, the other parts of the body may fatten. This can be avoided with a healthy nutrition regiment and regular exercise. 

Slim Lipo is performed under deep sedation without the need of intubation. The 2 mm cannulas are used with laser probes to liquidify the solid fat tissue to aspirate to outside the body. Photomechanical laser energy helps us to remove fat tissue while protecting the skin and other structures. Slim Lipo also activates the dermal collagen production that tightens and rejuvenates the skin that will make a better coverage of the underlying muscles.

Slim Lipo provides a painless postoperative period with a high level of comfort. The bruising and edema is minimal. A corset for optimal re-shaping and redraping is essential for a few weeks. Patient returns to work and social life soon with a fast recovery time. 

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