Lipomatic is a special liposuction equipment and technique, in which the fat tissue is burst with vibrational energy. It is a safe, convenient and painless technique that is easy to apply for both the surgeon and the patient. Lipomatic is fat-specific and helps to work very sensitive on those areas to shape the fat tissue.

Lipomatic is applied from a 2-mm incision and a probe is inserted after a special solution is injected subdermally. The procedure is performed under local anaesthesia and sedation. The operation is painless and there is no stress for the patient. The patient rests a couple of hours and then is ready to go home.  Lipomatic supplies fat-sensitive work and does not harm any muscle, nerve or vascular tissues. It provides a maximum effect of body contouring. 

The lipomatic cannula stops when there is no fat tissue to effect preventing any possible damage. This provides a painless postoperative period and more volumes of fat aspiration with a fast recovery time. It does not cause any skin sagging or waving. It is possible to get rid of your unwanted and unshaped fat easily with Lipomatic. The bruising and swelling is minimal. Possible edema is controlled by corset application. Dr. Guner advises to have a healthy nutrition and exercise throughout the life to protect your results after Lipomatic body contouring.

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