Laser Supported Mini Facelift

Laser supported mini face lift is a procedure that is done under local anesthesia and sedation. Compared to classical face-lift, a small incision is enough to tighten and reshape the subdermal fascia to provide rejuvenation. The excessive skin is removed and the skin quality is increased, skin spots are removed and small wrinkles are treated with the combination of laser technology.

This method is applicable for patients over 40 years who has advanced level facial sagging. If the cheekbone has lost volume, it is better to augment and put back the lost volume with stem-cell rich fat tissue. This provides an energetic, young and attractive look. 


Post-operative bruising and edema subside in a couple of days and the patients may go back to their normal life soon. Laser-supported mini-lifting is a fast-healing, minimal scar, higher skin quality technique compared to classical face-lift procedure.

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