Mastopexy (Breast-Lift)

Breast lift is done for those who do not have a seriously big breast size but have drooping (ptotic) breasts. Breast ptosis is caused by several factors like lactation, aging, and gravity. Besides the genetic structure of the person is a determinant for breast laxity. Breast lift (mastopexy) is done to reverse these problems and take the nipple-areola structure to the young and natural position. 


If the breast is ptotic and also small, then the volume of the breast may not be enough for an ordinary mastopexy. In this case, an augmentation mastopexy is planned, that is correction of breast ptosis and placing a breast implant at the same time thus an appropriate breast size and shape is provided. If the breasts are big and heavy, a breast reduction with breast lift must be considered to have an appropriate breast size and shape.

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