Breast Augmentation

Breast augmentation is the surgical enlargement of the small breasts. It can be done in two ways: breast implants and injection of patient’s own fat tissue. The breast implants are the most popular and most commonly used technique for breast augmentation. Fat injection should be done several times to achieve a desired breast shape and size. Breasts are important symbols of womanhood and attractiveness. Breast augmentation is one of the most commonly performed operations throughout the world. Breast implant technology has come to a point that companies now produce more body-friendly implants that have low complication rates.

Breast implants can be placed to women over 18 years old that have completed their development stage. Some tests should be done before a breast augmentation like ultrasound and mammography, so any disease of breast can be found before a breast surgery. Examination of breasts is important, so height, length and volume of the breasts are determined and any asymmetries are noted. With the consultation of the patient and the surgeon, the desired volume and shape is decided together and the type, shape and volume of the implant are decided. Dr. Guner uses only FDA and Ministry of Health approved implants.


Breast implants are listed as round and anatomic (teardrop-shaped). Anatomic model has a shape of a teardrop and is thin in the upper region getting thicker as going down, mimicking the shape of normal breasts. It is useful for breasts with little volumes. Round prostheses are used to fill a deflated upper pole and provide a nice décolleté. Implants may also be listed as textured and smooth. The type and texture of the implant is decided by Dr. Guner regarding your needs and physical conditions.

Breast implants are placed from the inferior mammary fold with an incision of 4 centimeters. It can be placed under the breast tissue or the muscle tissue. The pocket is decided by your doctor regarding your breast type and volume. If the breast volume is too little or skin quality is low, then the implant to be placed can be felt from outside and make some folds, so in these patients an under-muscle placement is considered to hide the details of the implant. An implant is not noticed from outside if the right implant is chosen and placed in the right pocket.

Breast augmentation can be performed under general anesthesia or sedation. Sedation anesthesia is a half-sleep that the patient does not feel any pain and stress. Its advantage is that she can wake up easily and can be discharged 1-2 hours after the operation. Patients can go home the same day or the next, depending on the operation and type of anesthesia. 

Even if breast implant is the most popular and preferred method for breast augmentation, augmentation with fat injection is also possible under appropriate conditions. Fat is taken from other body parts like abdomen or hips with liposuction and is separated and becomes purified fat. Then the fat is given back to breasts for enlargement. In this technique there is only a scar of a 2 millimeters cannula incision.


In breast augmentation, scar is hidden to the fold under the breast, so it is hidden and hardly noticed. Postoperative dressings and corset is used for a better shaping of breasts and to minimize the scarring. At first, there will be a red scar, in time the scar will reduce and its color will turn to skin color. The implant to be put is extremely enduring and has almost no risk to burst. It cannot be damaged unless a sharp object is inserted. (We hope this does not happen.) Implant does not restrain nursing or pregnancy. In your first doctor control, the dressings are removed and a specific bra should be used for a month. If the implant is placed under the muscle, sports and heavy weights are avoided for a period.

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