Genital Aesthetics

The beauty of the female genital area is important today in our world. A beautifully shaped outer vulva (labia majora) has a shining skin, a light color and has volume. Beautiful inner lips (labia minora) are that do not exceed outside from the labia majora and should not be seen in the resting position. In some women, the inner lips are too big, starting from her young ages or starting after pregnancy, birth giving or aging and this situation is known as “labial hypertrophy”.  This excess tissue is perceivable from outside the underwear, causes hygienic problems and may cause pain during intercourse. Besides these negative situations, the most important result of labial hypertrophy is loss of self-confidence in the intimate relationship. This may also cause sexual dysfunction and psychological orgasm problems. Women often search for a tidy, rejuvenated and good looking genitals.


What are the female genital aesthetic operations?


All of the outer female genital system, in other words vulva can be beautified and rejuvenated with genital aesthetic surgery and laser technologies. These sructures include inner lips (labia minora), outer lips (labia majora), clitoris and pubis area. In Dr. Huseyin Guner Aesthetic Clinic, female aesthetic surgery is combined with non-surgical energy-based technologies like laser and radiofrequency.

Inner Labiaplasty (For Labia Minora)


The excessive and lax labia minora are excised surgically. Here, the technique is extremely important to have a natural and unoperated appearance. Dr. Guner combines laser therapy to reduce the hyperpigmentation of the labia. This procedure is done under local anesthesia and sedation. If inner labiaplasty will be combined with outer labiaplasty, mons liposuction and other surgeries the operation can be performed with general anesthesia for patient comfort. The patient may be discharged the same day.

Outer Labiaplasty (For Labia Majora)


The outer lips, or labia majora should have a lively appearance, tight and full. By time, childbirth and weight gain and loss, the majora may deflate and become lax. In this condition, fat injection is necessary to provide the volume loss caused by fat atrophy.  The restored volume will also hide the minimal inner lip excess and the stem cells in the fat injection material will rejuvenate the labial skin. 




In cases where the clitoris is hypertrophic, it can be reduced to a favorable size with surgical correction.




Vagina loses its tightness with childbirth and aging. In some women, vagina is wide without any childbirth. In these conditions, depending on the laxity of the vagina, a surgical correction or energy-based vaginal tightening is necessary. Dr. Huseyin Guner’s approach is to combine surgical vaginoplasty with technologic vaginal tightening.


Who is a good candidate for genital aesthetic procedures?


If her medical status is healthy, every woman who is unhappy with her genital appearance can have a genital beautification operation. These operations do not affect virginity.

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