Neck Thinning

Neck thinning can be done surgical or non-surgical.

Neck thinning provides a tight and aesthetic appearance and forms a sharp neck angle, which is a sign of youth. Aging causes the neck muscles lax and sag like an empty bag. In the middle ages it can be seen in small chinned patients and as time passes, it is seen in every aging person. Laser lipolysis is of help in the condition of submental fat and sagging and provide an easy and fast solution.


Every touch for our beauty makes us happy and restores our self-confidence. Aging causes the metabolism to slow, which makes us prone to get fatter. Sometimes these fat tissues resist going even with help of exercise and healthy nutrition. Especially face, neck and nape fat are very resistant compartments. The excessive fat combines with gravitational forces and breaks the holding effect of the muscle and skin. 


It is easy to get rid of these unwanted fat and sagging without a surgical intervention. A minimally invasive method for neck thinning and lifting is laser lipolysis. With this method the laser energy degrades the fat tissue, which is then taken outside the body by aspiration cannulas. The laser energy also causes shrinkage of the skin, which makes it tighter and reverses the unwanted sagging. This procedure is done under local-anesthesia. There is almost no bruising or swelling. Post-procedure pain is minimal and responds well to painkillers. A bandage use is necessary for readaption of the neck skin underneath chin.

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