Aesthetic Eyelid Surgery

Periorbital Rejuvenation

Eyelids are the first to reveal a person’s age. The eyelids are very complex, thin and mobile structures and sagging of the skin is unavoidable with age. The periorbital area is prone to aging but respond well to rejuvenation procedures.

Forehead and borrows descend with age and this aggravates the sagging of upper eyelids and cause more accumulation over the eyes. This results in a tired look and reduced visual range. As the skin and eyelid muscles lax, the eyelid fat compartments start to herniate through the muscle and cause bulging and bagging of upper and lower eyelids. Eyelid skin is the thinnest skin in the body and stick to the underlying blinking muscles. Every blink makes the crowfeet establish and eyelid skin to sag.

The cheeks also descend with age, which will result in a groove called “tear-trough deformity” that causes an aged appearance. This deformity needs to be addressed with fat or filler injection with or without the combination of surgery. With surgical lower blepharoplasty, the eye bags are restored, excess skin is removed and the eyelids are rejuvenated. 

Ideal Procedures for Eyelids

The first wrinkles start to form in the second and third decade of life on side of eyes. Botulinum toxin is a good treatment for these wrinkles for this period. Hyaluronic acid fillers need to be added to botulinum toxin where there is volume loss. Dr. Guner uses a combination of botulinum toxin, hyaluronic acid fillers and patient’s own fat to open the wrinkles and provide a shiny look. Laser technology is a good complementary in the periorbital region to enhance the outcomes. In the presence of the lower eyelid tear through deformity, this volume loss must be corrected with patient’s own fat of fillers. However, sometimes these treatments may not be enough and surgery will be a better option for a comprehensive modality. The surgical technique and the experience of the surgeon is upmost importance in the results. Dr. Guner uses his very own and special technique, with no complications, removal of eye bags, skin combined with fat transfer and optimized with laser technology. Dr. Guner’s blepharoplasty technique is unique and results with a youthful and energetic look with a minimal post-operative period. 

After the third decade, the middle face (cheeks) descends and should be corrected surgically if the sagging is serious. Endoscopic techniques are of help or the lower blepharoplasty operation can be combined with cheek-lift.

In the forties, the upper eyelids and forehead start to descend. The forehead and the frontal muscles should be evaluated together with the eyelids. If there is an accumulation of brows and forehead to the eyelids, these should be treated first. By temporal lift the brows are repositioned to the right place and then the upper eyelid problems are solved. Temporal lift also helps the crowfeet to resolve substantially. In both upper and lower eyelids blepharoplasty is done more precisely and will end up in a more natural and attractive result.  

In the fifties the sagging can be seen all through the face and blepharoplasty is then combined with facelift, necklift and and forehead lift. These procedures provide a ten-years of rejuvenation and sometimes even more when combined with mesotherapy, PRP and stem cell injections. 

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