Non-Invasive Face Lift

Our face is prone to aging with time, sunlight and gravity. This aging process can be stopped and taken back without the need of a surgical operation in certain patients. The first signs of aging are seen around the eyes. The crowfeet, seen just aside of the eyes, bulging and sagging of the lower eyelid, drooping of the upper eyelids (that also causes a decrease in visual area) and drooping of the eyebrows are the signs for periorbital aging. Then come the cheeks and the forehead. The nasolabial groove also gets more prominent, the cheeks lose tension and start to hang, the cheekbone loses volume, the neck starts to lose its angle and fuse to the chin and deep wrinkles sit on the face as the aging proceeds.

In every age group, we have a custom treatment strategy. We have botulinum toxin for wrinkles, hyaluronic acid and other fillers to restore the volume loss, mesotherapy to increase the reduced skin quality, dermaroller, dermapen to activate the collagen synthesis and energy based technologies like laser and radiofrequency. Dr. Guner has a long-time experience in these technologies and combination therapies and decides the treatment modality of the best combination for his patients. 

PRP (Platelet-Rich Plasma) is a stem-cell application, that is provided from a special segment of the patient’s own blood is a useful treatment and can be combined with laser and radiofrequency technologies and provide perfect results. In addition, custom-made fillers, that is specific to the patient’s needs can be added to the treatment.

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