Forehead & Brow Lift

The aging signs begin around the eyes.  Forehead is a complementary part of successful periorbital rejuvenation. However, aging is not the only case to beautify the forehead region. To achieve the golden ratio of the face and symmetry, forehead aesthetic operations may be done. In women, a round forehead is a sign of youth, attractiveness and innocence. If the forehead comes flat, it can be rounded with fat injection. This method is usually combined with rhinoplasty to achieve a better continuity of nasal dorsal aesthetic lines. If the forehead is too wide, the hairline can be taken downwards. If it is too narrow, the hairline can be taken back. Hair transplantation is also another method to restore a natural hairline.

Brow lift helps the descended brows to be positions to their right place. The low-placed brows are lifted and the orbital wrinkles reside, the look is opened giving a healthy and young appearance. Brow lift and forehead lift can be combined successfully without an additional incision. 

Frequently asked questions about forehead lift:

How is it performed?

There are a few treatments for forehead rejuvenation. Botulinum toxin is one of them and the respond is in one week. Laser technologies are of help in increasing the skin quality and solve the wrinkles. Ulthera and 3Deep RF are some examples for energy based modalities. These therapies are non surgical and comfortable for the patient. They are applied for two to three times to achieve the best results. When the non-surgical techniques are not enough, then the surgery is discussed.

How are the incisions placed?

ıf the technique is endoscopic; a number of incisions are made to the hairline. If an open technique is preferred, the incision is along the hairline.

• How is the anesthesia applied?

Forehead lift is done under local anesthesia and sedation. If it will be combined with other procedures, then general anesthesia is required. Your doctor will decide which anesthesia type will be applied.  

• What to do before the operation?
1. You should inform your doctor about any vision problems. 
2. You should inform your doctor about the drugs you use, especially anticoagulants like aspirin. 
3. You should quit smoking or give a break.

• Who is a good candidate for forehead lift?
1. If the horizontal lines on the forehead do not respond to botulinum toxin or hyaluronic acid fillers,
2. If the wrinkles are deep,
3. If the brows are low-positioned,
4. If there is a deep vertical line between the brows,


you are a candidate for a forehead lift.

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